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Harvey’s Kitchen: this mountain

0 Comments 17 Apr, 2013

Straight out of Johnson City, Tennessee (where wonderful musicians are born and bred) this mountain describe themselves as “ a collaborative band of friends and musicians making music for themselves and others with great care and enjoyment.”  That seems humble and kind to us, just like these fellas. Great tunes, great playing, great fun–we think this mountain is the real deal and on the fast track to big things.  Take a listen and decide for yourself.  We think you’ll be singing this song for the rest of the day.



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Carolyn de Berry is a partner, producer and photographer for Monkeywhale Productions. Hailing from Portland, CT Carolyn now lives in Greensboro, NC where she spends much time plotting world domination with her fellow Monkeywhalers, loading and unloading gear, making coffee, copying release forms, shooting b-roll video, and documenting the craziness of the Monkeywhale’s journey with production stills and behind the scenes coverage. A graduate of Guilford College and the Commercial Photography program at RCC, Carolyn is a freelance photographer specializing in landscape, documentary and event photography. More of her work can be seen at carolyndeberry.com
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