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Langhorne Slim: The Way We Move (Live at the Filmore, CT)

0 Comments 11 Oct, 2013

Comprised entirely of footage from their live performance at the Fillmore in Charlotte, NC.  Shot with a single camera by a single operator on a single evening.  This was originally intended as an elaborate test of my newly hacked camera.  I shot at a wild range of ISOs, pushing as high as 6400 (backstage) and as low as 100 (onstage mid performance).  Once I was satisfied the entire camera wasn’t going to burn to a crisp as it churned through 96mbps directly to a CF card I relaxed and tried to capture a great evening of music performed by one of my favorite bands, Langhorne Slim and the Law.

Many thanks to the fine people of Magic Lantern, Langhorne Slim and the Law, Ramseur Records, and my old circa 2008 computer which can still wrestle huge quantities of data into submission.

This original appeared as an exclusive on The Wall Street Journal.com.


Camera:  5d Mark III

Lens:  24-70mm Canon



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