Etta James vs. Beyonce Knowles (my money’s on Etta)

5 Comments 05 Feb, 2009

I know Beyonce would probably win in a fight, but I can’t help but root for Etta James.Etta James spoke out today about Beyonce Knowles singing James’ song “At Last” at the inauguration ceremony while Mr. and Mrs. President danced.  She said she didn’t care for Beyonce and that she will “whoop her ass”.

As entertaining as that may be, I wonder why the harshness?  Did James feel slighted?  Was she not asked to sing the song?  Did she even want to?  She referred to President Obama as “your president”, not hers.  She even says “the one with big ears”.  She means Barack.  Our man Barack?

Maybe, and please forgive me for saying so, but maybe, just maybe, she can’t sing like that anymore?

I don’t like Beyonce either, but I ain’t hating. What’s up, Etta?  Where’s the love?



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  1. Ms. James has a reputation as being extremely crass and vile whilst on-stage. From my viewpoint, I think she may have alcohol-related dementia. But in this case, I think it’s a 1-2 combo of crazy + jealous.

    Unfortunate in any case…

  2. hmmm… that said, can’t imagine why she wasn’t invited to sing it herself?!?!

  3. check out this picture – it belongs to the cover of one of the greatest albums ever, called “Etta James Rocks the House”. Yes, that is in fact a splint on her arm, not a fashionable bracelet.

    cut and paste the website, dig it!

  4. Etta James should draw this out as long as possible, it might help her sell a few more records

    • This is dreadful. I alywas thought she could survive anything, but dealing with both of these illnesses at once and at that age To make terrible matters worse, her son is now having to fight her scrote of a husband over her finances.

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