Monkeywhale Future Uncertain

18 Comments 07 May, 2009

Greensboro, Thursday May 7th 2009.  Over the course of the past several months Timothy “Twistypops” Mcbaak has been financing the endeavors of the monkeywhale denizens without question or desire for any return on his investment, but due to a “severe downturn in his investment portfolio,” Twisty has pulled his funding.

“It’s unfortunate, but all things come to an end” said Twisty as his personal assistant stood in line for the morning Venti Mocha Cappuccino.  Since the inception of Monkeywhale Harvey Robinson (co-founder of has interviewed and recorded over 70 guests in a rented apartment kitchen and have been featured on the front page of the Brooklyn-based several times in the past couple of months.

“Sometimes I mistake the xlr cables for pasta,” Harvey joked.  When asked what he’d be doing next he shrugged, “Oh, I don’t know … wash dishes somewhere or maybe look for a job at the Discovery Channel.”

There has been a call for Monkeywhale to put together a music festival in the fall to help finance the project further.

“Well, if there’s enough support for it I’d love to keep doing this.  We’ll see.  Losing our biggest backer is a real blow.”

The most recent video posted by Harvey featuring the Greensboro, NC band Irata has been the 3rd highest ranked video on for the past few days.  Express your support by leaving a comment on



harvey - who has written 186 posts on Monkeywhale Productions
Harvey K. Robinson is the cinematographer, editor, and director at Monkeywhale Productions. Originally from Derby, England he now resides in Greensboro, NC where he began a web series documenting musicians and artists from all over the country. Recipient of the 2009 HearNC "Marks, Stern and Thomas Award," winner of the 2010 48 Hour Film Festival Greensboro, and Betty Cone Medal of the Arts Nominee for 2011, his work has appeared as featured videos on Paste Magazine, E!News, and Aol spinner. Harvey’s commercial work has garnered 2 silver Addy awards in the past 2 years. With a background in Directing at NC School of the Arts and many years spent as a professional actor, Harvey brings a multi-disciplinary approach to each new creative endeavor whether it be a short film, music video, documentary, or commercial.
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  1. Bro,

    I feel for you. I didn’t know you had any backing. Anything you need from me just say the word…well besides the money part. I love what you’ve been doing, keep it going somehow damn it! entertain me!

    All the best.


  2. I am here to help in any way, shape, form. Honest. If the monkeywhale dies, so will a piece of me.

  3. suckas.

    keep on doing it you crazy fish lovers.

  4. Harv, there is a future out there for the whale – Keep the faith!

    Call me, I have plans!

  5. Seems like someone would have to pick this up. It’s just brilliantly done.

  6. sorry to hear that whalewatchers- hoping you can find a way to make it work- it’s good stuff you’re doing here…. Don’t throw in the towel yet!!!!


  7. What Julie said. Save the Monkeywhale.

  8. I’m going to shave my head and become a monk.

  9. We’ll be sending up some blessings for y’all…doors…windows…you know how it goes

  10. Can’t get help if you don’t ask for it. Thanks for putting it out there.

  11. Keep going. What your doing is awesome! I’ll be glad help in anyway!

  12. Ashley Panzera
    May 8, 2009 at 2:35 pm

    I admire you guys for all that you do and if there is anything I can do please let me know.

  13. This is crazy! Now we actually DO have to save the monkeywhale?!?! Christ! Well, sign me and the Alcazar boys up to do anything you need. Damnit!

  14. The waitress brought me another drink. She wanted to light my hurricane lamp again. I wouldn’t let her. “Can you see anything in the dark, with your sunglasses on?” she asked me.”The big show is inside my head,” I said
    Kurt Vonnegut

    hope it doesn’t come to that….. !

  15. ok, kurt vonnegut would be all about saving the monkeywhale, if it wanted to be saved.
    monkeywhales forever *

  16. Count me in if you need help, Harvey. We gotta stick together in these trying times…



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