Another Great Night of Music in Greensboro: Save the Monkeywhale Festival 2009, Day 2

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Citified, the Never, Filthybird, Decoration Ghost.

Citified, the Never, Filthybird, Decoration Ghost,

So, as promised Josh Neas from WQFS and Aquarium Drunkard, began the evening with a historical reenactment of the Monkeywhale, complete with animated representations of the sea beast, spears, and sure-footed irony.  The musicians beginning with Citified (who are on the cusp of  making it after a number of years of honing their craft and slogging it out),  followed by Trekky Record’s The Never (Woh.  There’s music in that Chapel Hill water), Filthybird, and ending with Decoration Ghost WAS almost too fun to handle.  To think so many people in this little-city-that-might would come out to support our weird endeavor … It’s enough to lift your spirits and consider that maybe, just maybe despite the economy (or lack of it), and the legacy industry implosions, and people losing their jobs, we’ll come out on the other side a more interesting place …

Mark Wagoner of Mark Wagoner Productions has been documenting the entire event, staying up much longer than he’d rather be up.  Thank you Mark.  Stay tuned to monkeywhale over the next few weeks to catch highlights from the event.  Alex Maness and Zach Hadgraft have been supporting Mark with complimentary angles.  Thank you Alex.  Zach has spent most of the past couple of weeks sitting in a tiny room about 2 feet from me so, I thank you but next week we might need to take a week off.

Filthybird played a few surprise numbers including an energetic version of “Monkey Gone to Heaven,” by a band I used to listen to obsessively, The Pixies.  Filthybird.  Just when you think they can’t get any better … they do.  I think 2010 is going to be a golden one for Greensboro bands … and that’s not just the warm fuzzy feeling I’m experiencing at the moment talking.

There’s still one more night of great music.  Beginning tonight at 7pm at the Blind Tiger:  Sam Frasier, Bruce Piephoff, Martha Bassett, Amelia’s Mechanics w/ Jim Avett, The Alcazar Hotel w/ Katharine Whalen, STEPHANIESID (!), and HOUSE OF FOOLS.

Photos by Wendy Lou, Asheville Monkeywhaler

Here’s a great big thank you, in advance for showing your support and we hope you continue to go out and support local music.

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  1. Recap of Night 2 of the Save the Monkeywhale Festival 2009. One More Night to Go!

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  2. Recap of Night 2 of the Save the Monkeywhale Festival 2009. One More Night to Go! #mskrev #ncmusic

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  3. One more night to go, of the first ever Save the Monkeywhale Festival 2009.

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