Recycling Hurts, Actually

3 Comments 17 Nov, 2008

This breathtaking photo of my arm (flattering, I know) shows what many have feared for a long time. Saving the planet is painful. It will hurt you. And by saving the planet I do mean dumping massive amounts of beer bottles into your recycling bin right outside your house.

This unsightly bruise (which I swear has not been altered in Photoshop) is now about 5 days old and goin’ strong. What caused this tragedy you might ask? The flawed design of our city recycling bins.

Why is it no matter how hard you try to keep the lid open while you’re dumping stuff in there the m*%f*$in’ lid inevitably comes crashing down on your arm? This, along with the deafening roar of glass hitting glass right by your ear makes me wonder if this whole recycling thing is just for suckers.

Until the green movement features better design, I’m out.



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  1. Dude, that’s probably Eating the Invaders fault. Tell you what, next time, we (all five of us, not six because c’mon, Driveway would just call us a bunch of Assholes) will lift the lid while you dump the bottles into the bin that we, no doubt, emptied.

  2. You are kind, my friend, but I can not blame the Invaders or anyone else who has graced “Harvey’s Kitchen”. We generate quite a bit of glass just between the two of us.

  3. neighborhood watch
    November 19, 2008 at 10:56 pm

    So, what I’m hearing you say is…saving the planet sucks. Can I get that in black marker on a scrap of paper pinned to the wall? What is YOUR vision for the city’s recycling program? Tell me. Then I will repeat it back to you to make sure I’ve got it.

    Are those chillbumps (goosebumps for those that don’t speak my dialect) that I see? I hope your heat got fixed tonight – saw JM heading for your place!

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