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Elliott Erwitt Hopes He Hasn’t Taken His Favorite Picture Yet

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Elliott Erwitt is one of my very favorite photographers. No matter how many times I look through his photos, I laugh and sigh and drool and learn something new every time.  In May, Lens published a wonderful interview with the 82 year-old photographer (conducted by his son) as the International Center for Photography prepared his show “Personal Best”, which we were lucky enough to see this summer.  After a long commute into the city from a friend’s apartment way out at the end of Brooklyn, we basically ran sixteen blocks in the rain to arrive at the show twenty minutes before it closed.   The show was fantastic and sprawling.   There were negatives; I think I might have shed a tear or two.   If you’re stuck in a photographic ditch right now and need some inspiration or just want to hear something that might (or might not) make you feel better about trying to be a photographer these days,  read this interview.  Then get out there and get cracking on your personal work.  Because who knows how good your next photo might be?

Elliott Erwitt by as yet unidentified photographer



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