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13 Comments 17 Nov, 2008

Citified, a 4 member Shoegazer rock band took time out on a sunday to drink beer and play acoustically in this kitchen.  Initially Chris suggested we use pre recorded music as Citified’s sound is about reverb and melodic noise which isn’t necessarily translatable in an acoustic medium, but after seeing the results with Eating the Invaders they scheduled a few rehearsals to see if it was possible. Mostly I was concerned that we’d blow the fuse box.

Citified is represented by the label, Eskimo Kiss, based out of Atlanta.

We’ve known Chris Jackson, lead singer, for a number of years but this was the first time we really got to hang out.  His reputation as one of the nicest guys in the industry is not simply a rumor.

A few months ago dotmatrixproject shot this band as part of their Free.Live.Music series and if you haven’t taken a look at what these guys can do with some of the best talent around, then you’re definitely missing out.

Up next, Molly McGinn.



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Harvey K. Robinson is the cinematographer, editor, and director at Monkeywhale Productions. Originally from Derby, England he now resides in Greensboro, NC where he began a web series documenting musicians and artists from all over the country. Recipient of the 2009 HearNC "Marks, Stern and Thomas Award," winner of the 2010 48 Hour Film Festival Greensboro, and Betty Cone Medal of the Arts Nominee for 2011, his work has appeared as featured videos on Paste Magazine, E!News, and Aol spinner. Harvey’s commercial work has garnered 2 silver Addy awards in the past 2 years. With a background in Directing at NC School of the Arts and many years spent as a professional actor, Harvey brings a multi-disciplinary approach to each new creative endeavor whether it be a short film, music video, documentary, or commercial.
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  1. oh that i were but a mere toaster in this humble kitchen of inspiration, that i could but warm to a buttery crisp the bread which feeds the mind of talent, artistry, jolly music-making…

    on second thought – perhaps a bottle opener would be more appropriate?

  2. cooooool. i dig the sound, guys. Harvey- i saw you in the shot. I love the suspicious line.

  3. this was so much fun, thanks Harvey and Carolyn!

  4. What a great, great series. Keep ‘em coming.

  5. that was great, thanks for sharing harvey!!

  6. short one in the back
    November 24, 2008 at 1:29 pm

    this is so good, monkeywhale, but eric’s hardly featured at all. drummers are people too. drummers are people too.

  7. one of my favorite bands of all time. period.



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