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A star for the new year. Sirius.B, self-proclaimed Gypsy Absurdist Metal Folk Funk Punk are based out of Asheville, NC. They packed themselves into their van and drove a total of 6 hours to play in this kitchen. Not only did I end up having a Young Ones quotation match with the Charango player but by the time they left they felt like old friends. Gypsy Absurdists indeed.

At the eve of this year, they played to a sold out crowd at the Rocket Club in Asheville. The opener was a rather racy act called Bootstrap Burlesque. Their name comes from a chance encounter with Imhotep who claimed to have been visiting from the planet Sirius.B. They needed a band name. Voila.

This is actually the first band that asked who collected the mason jars and I confessed it was me but I forgot to ask for a guitar pick for my collection. Mason Jars are great for everything including preserving fruit for the winter and growing expandable lizards and pirates. We have a few.

Over the course of several hours they played a whole host of songs and I’ll be sure to post complete uninterrupted one-take versions later. These guys and lady put on quite a show and we’re really looking forward to them playing at the FlatIron with Eating the Invaders on January 31st. I’m sure if you don’t show up to that show, you’ll hear how great it was from someone else then kick yourself for not getting off facebook with your exchange student friend in Malta.



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  1. I like this music despite its lack of cowbell. Also, I am outraged that the long-haired guy is not using vermillion guitar picks.

  2. monkeywhale has mad skills, just like the bands that are documented. i really just love the work you guys do.

  3. Thank you Julie. Right back at you.



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