Helping You Help Teresa: A Local Hero Needs 20 Seconds Of Your Time

0 Comments 10 May, 2012
Teresa Staley – activist, advocate, and rockstar – needs a new accessibility van with a lift for her wheelchair.  You can help simply by voting at the link below and spreading the word.

The folks here at Monkeywhale were asked to be part of a very special project last week.  A local hero and a friend of the crew, Teresa Staley, found her van and herself in a bit of a pickle recently.  Teresa, who lives with muscular dystrophy and drives an electric wheel chair, has places to be.  She writes, plays in bands, advocates for others with disabilities, hosts a summer concert series in her backyard, employs a small fleet of caregivers on a modest government stipend, supports the arts and music scene throughout Greensboro, and works hard to manage her paperwork, grocery list, doctor’s visits, and various other time consuming aspects of daily life.

Lately, however, Delilah, the van that Teresa needs to get around to her numerous affairs, including meetings for the statewide Independent Living Board in Burlington, has been showing signs of great distress.  In addition to the usual minor hiccups, Delilah’s gas gauge no longer works, leaks are taking over, and the back door is no longer functional in the event of an emergency, but most importantly, the hydraulic seals on the lift that actually gets her into the van are worn out.  When the mechanic informed her of this, Teresa realized the repairs were out of her reach and that after 25 years of faithful transport, it might be time for Delilah to retire.

Fortunately, this gloomy forecast was not the only thing she found when she took her van to the shop that day.  Hanging on the wall was a promising flyer with information about a contest being held for National Mobility Awareness Month.  The National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association will soon be giving away 3 wheelchair accessible vans to people with disabilities who are active in their communities like Teresa.  Three lucky winners must be able to gather upwards of 5,000 votes by this Sunday, May 13th.  That’s why Teresa needs your help.

Last Tuesday, we gathered at Teresa’s house to make a video in record time that demonstrates just how much she needs your votes and a new van.  You can watch the video here, and, while you’re at it, vote for Teresa.  Once a day, every day, between now and Sunday.

You may vote at

Here are some additional details that may come in handy:

  • You can vote by clicking on the link above, watching the video, filling out the form (enter a promo code from below), and clicking the “VOTE” button.
  • You can vote once every 24 hours from any IP address. In case you’re wondering, the IP address is associated with the wireless router you are using. That means that only one vote per day will be accepted from any computer connected to your home internet router.  One vote per day will also be accepted from your wireless phone with internet or any computer connected to the router at any coffee shop or other location with public wireless internet access.
  • IMPORTANT: To turn your vote into 5 votes, you may enter one of the following promo codes from dealerships per day: 830, 829, 828, 994, 998, 999, or 735.
  • If you are passionate about Teresa winning, please do not attempt to nominate her for the contest an additional time. You will only succeed in splitting the vote. Instead, maximize voting by pointing your friends to this page or e-mailing them the link to this video for voting.

Thanks for voting, and be sure to keep an ear out for more information about Teresa’s quest for a new van!



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