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Irata: Behind the Scenes

3 Comments 06 May, 2009

Irata’s Kitchen visit was our second opportunity to work with these guys.  The first took place on a cold November night and involved fog machines, donkey masks and all sorts of weird and creepy stuff. This one was a bit warmer.  And didn’t involve stumbling around in the dark trying to avoid getting poked in the eye by tree branches in the woods.  Both were lots of fun.  Both made me want to hear more of their music.

Very, very nice guys with a really interesting and unique sound.  A second Kitchen video will be coming soon. 



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  1. just posted new Irata photos

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  2. William Hackley
    May 7, 2009 at 11:33 am

    Very creative trio! I suggest to anyone who enjoys being lost in a world of imagination and creativity to check these talented musicians out!

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